Windsorview Lakes

Windsorview Lakes, Mill Place, Horton Road, Datchet , SL3 9HX

Our new 100-acre bespoke venue, Windsorview Lakes, a magnificent lakeside setting in Datchet, Berkshire which is just 1.5 miles from junction 5 on the M4. This exceptionally attractive location is owned and managed by Historics and provides the canvas we require to create a bespoke and fully flexible auction venue


Directions to Windsor View Lakes

Windsorview Lakes, Mill Place, Horton Road, Datchet , SL3 9HX
Found on Horton road between Datchet and Horton, appraoching from the M25 the entry is on you left after the water tower.


Parking is FREE at Windsorview Lakes, follow your parking marshalls upon arrival

Historics at Windsorview Lakes

In Windsor's serene landscape, Windsor View Lakes offers a haven where nature blends with automotive elegance. Classic car enthusiasts gather against shimmering waters and lush greenery to admire vintage automobiles' timeless allure. Each vehicle, tied to Windsor's regal heritage, evokes whispers of majesty and refinement. Welcome to Windsor View Lakes, where classic cars reign supreme.


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