Posted on 18th November 2019

English poet Alexander Pope is widely attributed to having penned the phrase ‘a little knowledge is a dangerous thing’.

That was back in the early 18th century, and although Pope is unlikely to have had auctions in mind at the time, his words have resonance when it comes to buying and selling across the block.

It's the reason that Historics hosts free ‘Buying and Selling at Auction’ seminars on the preview days prior to every sale.

And it’s also why Auction Director, Edward Bridger-Stille, was recently asked to contribute his words of wisdom on the auction process to Classic Mercedes, the well-established quarterly magazine covering Mercedes-Benz classics from the early 50’s.

We recommend that you read Edward’s remarks – and much more besides - in the Winter issue of the magazine now on sale, but as his words are equally of interest to all classic owners, we are most appreciative of Classic Mercedes’ permission for us to include the feature here.

 Classic Car Auction
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