Finance Options

Historics are now able to offer finance on cars and motorcycles sold at our auctions though our finance partners Classic & Sports Finance.

Please contact Classic & Sports Finance by phone on 01869 351512 to get a quotation; they have financed thousands of classic cars and can talk you through all the options. Alternatively, you can fill in the finance enquiry form in the online finance calculator, which you will find at the bottom of each eligible auction lot page, and they will contact you.

* Interested parties should note that lots with no reserve are not eligible for finance.

* Interested parties should note that all finance facilities must be approved and agreed in principal, and an authorisation to bid using finance must be issued prior to bidding on the day of the auction.

* Interested parties should note that finance options are also available on Private Treaty sales.

For the first time ever in the UK, Historics are delighted to be able to offer an alternative route to purchase your dream classic. We have established a relationship with the market leader, Classic & Car Finance, to present a simple and cost effective way to finance a car at auction. I am delighted to announce that a number of cars have already found new homes and that Historics have, once again, revived the classic car market place with innovation and customer service.

– Edward Bridger Stille

How does it work?

If you decide to finance your purchase, the process is as follows. It is simple and easy, and Classic & Sports Finance will take you through the process every step of the way.

1. Tailor your ideal finance package and accept quotation.

2. Classic & Sports Finance complete finance application process with you.

3. On approval - Agreement in Principal (AIP). Complete pre-auction paperwork with Classic & Sports Finance.

4. Authority to bid issued by Classic & Sports Finance.

5. Register to bid with Historics at Brooklands.

6. Bid up to your pre-approved amount (please bear in mind buyer's premium and vat will be levied on the hammer price).

7. If you win the auction your vehicle will be transported to EM Rogers storage facility in Northampton. (Costs will be incurred - please speak to a member of Historics for more information).

8. Classic & Sports Finance to arrange payment of funds to Historics once the post-sale paperwork completed.

9. Collect your car from EM Rogers on confirmation of funds received. (transport and storage costs to be settled in order for collection to take place).        


● What sort of finance agreements do you offer?

We offer hire purchase agreements - the same as if you were buying a new or used car from a dealership - although there are other options available.

● Is there a minimum and maximum credit limit?

We do not offer finance on cars that have no reserve or a value under £10,000.

● How quickly can an agreement be set up?

Depending on the nature of the application and subject to individual credit approval these can generally be set up within 24 hours but we recommend contacting Classic & Sports Finance at least 5 days for the auction.

● Can the term of the loan be reduced or settled early?

The majority of loans (below £100,000) are regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974 without early settlement restrictions.

● I don't live in the UK - can I get finance?

Sorry - finance is available to UK residents only

● Are loan rates fixed during the term?

The majority of agreements that Classic & Sports Finance arrange are fixed rate but other options are available.

● Can I arrange finance on the  day of the auction?

No - you must have the Agreement in Principle  in place before the day of the auction.

● What is an Agreement In Principal (AIP)?

An AIP confirms that the lender is willing to lend to you should you win the auction.

● Are Historics regulated to offer finance by the Financial Conduct Authority?

Historics are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority - Reference number: 757832

● What is the role of Classic & Sports Finance role in this partnership

Classic & Sports Finance is a specialist finance intermediary that works with a panel of lenders to offer funding facilities to classic car enthusiasts. They will advise Historics customers on the best finance products for their needs, make any application on their behalf and arrange the finance agreeement.

● Who are the contacts for further information

Contact Rob Johnson at Classic & Sports Finance on 01869 351512 or


If you wish to arrange finance the easiest way to do so is call Classic & Sports Finance direct on 01869 351512. They will talk you through all the options and arrange the best finance package for you. When you are happy with the offer, they will complete a finance application on your behalf and with your permission, seek to obtain finance approval. Once this has been received they will arrange the paperwork which will allow you to bid at the auction - you may be required to provide various items (e.g. proof of identity, proof of address) which must be received in advance of the auction. Once this has been received, Classic & Sports Finance will issue you with an Authority To Bid - this will allow you to bid as a finance customer rather than paying for the car directly yourself.


Auction Day

On the day of the auction you may bid up to the pre-approved amount. If your bid is successful, you will be issued with a copy of the invoice that will be sent to Classic & Sports Finance. Your car will then be transported to EM Rogers in Northampton to await collection.


After the auction

On the first business day after the auction, Classic & Sports Finance will finalise the agreement and ask you to pay the agreed deposit to Historics. They will then arrange for you to sign the finance documentation and supporting paperwork. Once this has been received by Classic & Sports Finance, they will arrange for payment to be made to Historics as soon as possible.


Vehicle collection

Once all funds have been confirmed as received by Historics, we will authorise the release of your car for collection at EM Rogers in Northampton.


Private Treaty

Finance options are also available for Private Treaty sales. Please speak to Classic and Sports Finance on 01869 351512 to get a quotation.

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