Lot 191 - 1968 Aston Martin DB6 Mk. I

Lot 191 - 1968 Aston Martin DB6 Mk. I

Lot 191 - 1968 Aston Martin DB6 Mk. I

Lot Number 191
Registration TVB 964F
Chassis Number DB6/3443/R.
Engine Number 400/3519.
Odometer reading 24,307 miles
Result Sold
  • Extensive works in recent years to the tune of over £100,000
  • Upgraded ZF automatic gearbox
  • Extensive service history

Obviously the DB6 is a more advanced version of Aston's DB5 to include more wind-tunnel development, improved airflow through the air oil cooler as well as a few more external styling cues such as the bumpers. Mechanically, the engine was similar with three SU carburettors fitted as standard as well as a number of items that a customer could specify at no extra cost such as a Power-Lok limited slip differential and chrome wire wheels.

First delivered to the first owner, Mr. Morris of Oak Hill Park in London on 16th July 1968, it was serviced regularly by the supplying dealership, Broadway Autos in its early life although this latterly changed as the car moved from owner to owner. Mr Lankshear, an AMOC member from 1973 – 1981, then owned the car followed by Aston Martin Sales in Sloane Street, London from May 1983 then to Thomas Lundstrom of Salisbury in July of the same year.

There is little documentary record of Mr Lundstom’s ownership until he took the car to Aston Martin specialist, Desmond Smail, in August 1992 when a substantial recommissioning of the car took place. That same dealer was instrumental in the sale of the car to a new owner, Stephen Wainwright, in 1994. The history of the car since 1994 is provided by a combination of service invoices and hand-written detail from the owner’s log.

After a substantial period with the car stored in the owner’s garage, a comprehensive list of remedial work was carried out on the car to allow completion of an MoT test before the car was offered for sale by noted Aston Martin specialist’s, Byron International, in 2015.

An agreement to purchase the car was reached over December 2015/January 2016 with the current owner after a road test & report by Newlands Motors. After purchase, they carried out extensive remedial work and the car was transported to its new owner’s home in Aberdeen. It was then put into the care of Classic Restorations (Scotland) Ltd who undertook a thorough overhaul which included replacing the automatic gearbox with an uprated ZF item, re-fettling the sunroof, addressing the paintwork and some mechanical refurbishment as well as re-upholstering the seating, front & rear. All this work represented an investment by the owner of over £115,000 and has obviously substantially improved the car.

The DB6 is acknowledged as the ultimate version of the original Turing design and remains hugely popular as a result. This example benefit from a sympathetic and substantial investment from the previous owner and thus the hard word has been taken care of right down to the instillation of a modern, classic-style, Becker Mexico stereo. It is simply ready now for the next lucky custodian to use it as it was designed for.




1968 Broadway Autos 523 miles
1968 Broadway Autos 990 miles
1968 Broadway Autos 3,571 miles
1968 Broadway Autos 4,840 miles
1969 Broadway Autos 7,541 miles

1969 LD Marshall 9,698 mile service

1969 LD Marshall 12,500 mile service

1970 LD Marshall 15,000 mile service
1970 HR Owen 23.233 mile service
2071 Airways Garage 25,000 mile service
1972 Ian Mason 27,500 mile service
1992 Desmond Smail 30,000 mile service, fit new spark plugs, distributor and contact set. Change oil & filter re-filling with Castrol GTX. Clean and reset carburettors, carry out chassis lubrication, check brake pads, adjust fan belt. Dismantle kingpins, clean and check all parts, overhaul kingpins, fit new bearings, cups, thrust cups and gaiters. Remove rear axle, fit new modified pinion flange and hub seals, refit axle. Recondition steering wheel. Fit new thermostat and gaskets. Remove all bumpers and badge bar. Re-chrome all items, refit re-chromed items. Adjust gear-lever linkage to rectify inhibitor switch. Rectify faulty blower motor. Fit backlight cover clips. Tighten nearside petrol flap. Refit boot seal. Fit new door check springs. Fit new cigar lighter, new washer motor and new alternator regulator.
1992 Desmond Smail Remove body finishers, lamps, bumpers, door trim pads etc. Repair minor damage to all panels. Make up, flatting and colouring complete car. Flat and polish complete car. Carry out full interior valet and hide food all leather
1994 Desmond Smail Parts only: Workshop manual, Parts catalogue, Handbook
1994 Desmond Smail Purchase of car by current owner
1994 Desmond Smail Parts only: Oil filter, Spark plugs, contact set, fuel filter, fan belt, set of front brake pads
1994 Four Ashes Garage Insurance valuation
1994 Four Ashes Garage Adjust/reset carburettors
1994 Oil & filter change, kingpins greased, rear hubs greased, air filter changed
1994 Kingpins re-greased, suspension off loaded with jack
1994 Garaged for winter
1995 Out of garage, back axle oil checked.
1995 RH fan now working (dirty switch contacts). Brake fluid low rear system, smoke in exhaust – suspect servo leaking to manifold)
1995 Confirmed rear servo defective, brake fluid in vacuum pipe
1995 Motorworld Ltd Parts only: Battery
1995 Aston Martin Parts only: Brake Servo Kit
1995 Brake & Clutch Components Ltd. Parts only: Girling repair kit
1995 AML brake servo fitted, brake master cylinder seals replaced, brakes bled and wiper blades renewed
1995 MOT at Cross Roads Garage, Aston Service Dorset Parts only: Distributor Cap, Rotor Arm, Condenser, HT Lead Set, Spark Plugs, Hose Set, Contact Set
1995 Points & plugs cleaned / set. Coolant checked. Driver’s seat tilt mechanism weld fractured. Brake pads checked OK. Check fluid levels
1995 Garaged for winter
1995 Driver’s seat removed for welding
1995 Driver’s seat re-fitted
1995 Car re-taxed as “25 year exempt”
1995 Run to Cotswolds, black and white pressed number plates fitted
1996 All fluid levels checked, transmission oil topped, oil & filter changed, hinges oiled and kingpins greased. Steering rack greased, excess play noted in n/s inner ball joint, steering rack
1996 Owner’s Log Pre-MOT check, steering rack n/s inner ball joint adjusted to reduce play
1996 Cross Roads Garage MOT
1996 Coolant hose weeping, replace
1996 garaged for winter
1997 Interior clean and hide food for leather, all levels checked apart from axle. Poor starting, change battery
1997 Garaged for winter
1999 Charged battery, checked tyres and levels and started car
1999 Drove to new house and garaged car
2015 Aston Service Dorset Parts only: Hose Balance Pipe
2015 Aston Martin Parts only: Brake fluid indicator
2015 Kelton Garage MOT test
2015 Aston Martin Parts only: Front brake hose, copper washer, 2 x road springs, 2 x insulating rings, 2 x coil spring insulation, rebound rubber x 2, check strap x 2
2015 Kelton Garage - Remove steering rack and send for full overhaul & have hydraulic ram overhauled. Refit to vehicle, add new fluid and bleed system. Reset tracking. Remove both front callipers (pistons corroded) and send off for overhaul. Supply and fit new front brake pads. Fit two new front brake flexi hoses. Make up new nearside front and offside rear brake pipes. Renew brake fluid and bleed complete system. Fit two new rear suspension coil springs & seating’s & upper support turrets. Have new retaining pin made up for offside rear lower damper fixing. Fit 2 x new rear suspension check straps and set to correct size. Fit two new tyres, fit two new front suspension bump stops. Test & renew no 6 spark plug lead and refit original coil lead & renew contact set. Resecure top coolant hose and add 1 litre of anti-freeze. MOT retest.
2015 Kelton Garage Change oil & filter
2015 Kelton Garage Parts only: Supply one gallon Castrol Classic Engine Oil
2016 Newlands Motors Pre-Purchase Road Test & Report
2016 Newlands Motors Remove and strip cylinder head and send away for reconditioning, Strip engine bay and clean off corroded areas, repaint, attend to pipework for wiring loom, clean/paint/bead blast all parts and refit engine bay. Fit cylinder head and set cam timing, rebuild carburettors, clean fuel pipes, test run. S/fit 4 x wire wheels and tyres. Fit bumpers making up new spacers, paint hinge panel
2016 Newlands Motors Replace exhaust front pipe, adjust auto box and steering wheel position
2016 Newlands Motors Send driver’s carpet away for pattern, paint bonnet surround, polish carb tops valet car and arrange transport to Aberdeen
2016 Classic Restorations Scotland Ltd - Strip out points and condenser, set up timing, remove dash pots and pistons, set up carb tuning, fit magnetron ignition, new HT leads, spark plugs, fit new fuel filter and fuel lines.
2017 Classic Restorations Scotland Ltd Check braking system, drain cooling system, lift engine and gearbox, replace to establish faults.
2017 Classic Restorations Scotland Ltd Replace oil hoses, dismantle o/s/f brakes, refit alternator and belts, clean gear selector
2017 Classic Restorations Scotland Ltd Replace brake pipes, shot blast o/s/r brake, supply and fit new fuel pump, new automatic gearbox
2017 Classic Restorations Scotland Ltd Remove differential and remove prop shaft, shot blast bell housing, fit 4-Speed ZF auto transmission cooler, new brake pads, callipers and discs, brake master cylinder, rebuild front and rear suspension, replace anti-roll bars and bushes. Replace handbrake assembly and handbrake pads, oil and air filter changed. Re-rivet torque converter drive plate to starter ring gear. Cut rear engine to gearbox extension casting studs to clear torque converter bolts. Remove torque converter drive plate centre mount from crank shaft, fit to drive plate bolts. Weld spacers to drive plate. Mark out & drill new mount holes for torque converter to gearbox temporarily; offer up gearbox to engine for measuring to set up torque converter end float.

2017 Classic Restorations Scotland Ltd Weld on spacers to torque convertor drive plate to set torque convertor end float. Mark out and drill mount holes in steel adaptor plate. Remove bellhousing from gearbox and rear engine casting bellhousing mount. Drill dowel holes from bellhousing to steel adaptor plate to centralise gearbox. Remove, drill and dowel pin steel adaptor plate to rear engine casting. Set up in milling machine and mill holes for hollow dowels from bell housing to steel adaptor plate. Machine larger bolt clearance slot in cast iron bellhousing
mount. Fit cast iron rear bellhousing mount to engine. Fit torque convertor drive plate and lock wire bolts. Make studs for mounting steel plate to cast iron bellhousing mount. Cut out recess in steel adaptor plate for starter motor pinion to give correct mesh. Mark out & machine clearance hole in bellhousing for starter pinion. Mark out & bore holes in steel mount plate for bell housing studs/bolts. Thread holes in steel plate for studs. Fit studs to adaptor plate & check fitment of bellhousing. Start to cut out final shape of adaptor plate. Final fit bellhousing & torque converter to gearbox. Find suitable banjo bolts for oil pipe connections at gearbox. Silver solder barbed pipe ends to banjo unions for oil pipes & fit to gearbox. Remove old gearbox oil cooler & pipes. Make brackets & fit new gearbox oil cooler. Finish cutting out steel adaptor plate to shape. Tidy up edge of steel adaptor plate. Final fit steel adaptor plate to engine. Fit new oil cooler hose. Press new bushes into watts link. Fit new rear brake hose. Press new bushes into watts link rods, fit watts link arms. Fit new handbrake cables. Remove NSR lower radius arm, fit 2nd oil cooler pipe for gearbox. Assemble new springs to new front dampers.
2017 Classic Restorations Scotland Ltd - Assemble N/S/F lower wishbone and stub axle to chassis. Fit new N/S/F spring and damper unit. Fit N/S/F upper wishbone arms. Fit N/S/F upper swivel bearings, clean shims. Compress N/S/F suspension to connect top spherical joint. Fit lower bump stop. Fit new disc to N/S/F hub. Fit N/S/F disc hub to stub axle. Fit new piston seals to N/S/F brake calliper. Fit N/S/F brake calliper. Fit N/S/F flexi brake hose. Fit gearbox to engine. Connect torque convertor to drive plate. Fit new bushes to O/S/F lower wishbone. Fit O/S/F stub axle to wishbone. Fit O/S/F wishbone and stub axle to chassis. Clean and paint O/S/F spherical joint housing and fit to stub axle. Compress and fit O/S/F damper/spring unit. Fit O/S/F top wishbones.
2017 Classic Restorations Scotland Ltd - Fit OS track rod end & disc backplate. Fit OSF disc to hub. Fit new seals to OSF brake calliper. Fit pistons to calliper & fit calliper & flexihose. Fit anti-roll bar parts. Fit new rear axle check straps. Remove old brake master cylinder. Make brake pipes to connect master cylinder. Cut off original gearbox mounts from chassis cross member. Lower engine & gearbox into position on chassis, cut gearbox cross member to suit new gearbox position. Work out & start making new rear gearbox mounting for chassis. Weld on mount plates to gearbox cross member tube ends. Set gearbox height at rear for fabricating removable mount section. Make gearbox mounting.
2017 Classic Restorations Scotland Ltd - Finish fabricating gearbox mounting and paint. Fit gearbox cross-member mount and rubber gearbox mounts. Connect pipes/hoses to power steering pump. Fit engine steady damper. Connect engine oil cooler pipes. Connect gearbox oil cooler hoses to gearbox. Work out gearbox wiring on inhibitor/reverse. Bend and shape gearbox dipstick tube to fit. Add initial oil fill to gearbox, connect oil pressure pipe. Fit power steering fluid tank and connect hoses. Extend wiring for inhibitor switch on gearbox. Fit new seals and pistons to N/S/F brake calliper. Fit N/S/F handbrake operating parts to calliper. Fit new seals and pistons to O/S/R brake calliper. Clean oil filter housing & fit new filter. Fit starter motor, connect oil temperature sender. Fill engine with oil. Fit thermostat housing, coolant pipes, hoses & radiator. Fit rear exhaust manifold. Fit radiator & fan shroud. Fill cooling system. Fit new rear axle radius arms. Grease rear wheel bearings & front suspension back joints. Fit new NSR brake disc & paint centre. Paint & fit OSR new brake disc. Fit NSR brake capper & pads, connect handbrake cables & adjust handbrake. Bleed braking system. Fit rocker cover breather pipes. Fit carbs to manifolds, shorten top wishbone nuts to locate properly on nyloc section. Fit fuel link pipes & check linkages to carbs.
2017 Classic Restorations Scotland Ltd - Set catch float heights. Synchronise carb linkages, fit carb airbox. Work out & make bracket to fit gearbox kickdown cable & fit & adjust. Fit choke cable, fit exhaust down pipes & LH middle exhaust silencer. Make bracket to support LH exhaust downpipe and fit. Fit RH middle exhaust silencer. Fit rear exhaust silencers. Briefly start engine to fill torque converter with oil.
Remove leaking oil pressure gauge flexi pipe.
2017 Classic Restorations Scotland Ltd - Make up new and fit. Run engine, top up engine oil. Top up gearbox oil and set level marks on
dipstick. Adjust kickdown cable. Fit new air filter. Re-fit under front wing access panels. Remove under dash panels. Remove speedo cable & modify cable to suit electronic speedo convertor unit. Refit speedo cable & fit electronic speedo drive unit. Remove NSF backplate to ascertain position of speed sensor for speedo. Make bracket for speed sensor mounting.

2017 Classic Restorations Scotland Ltd - Fit propshaft. Fit speedo sensor bracket and sensor. Run speedo sensor wiring into car, wire up electronic speedo drive unit. Adjust position of speedo cable. Check basic operation of speedo ECU. Re-fit N/S under dash panel. Refit under dash panel & brake master cylinder cover. Fit gearbox tunnel to car. Temporarily fit gear lever unit to see what changes are required to work with new gearbox. Modify gear lever gate notches/spacing to suit new gearbox shift position. Make new gear lever selector indicator. Shot blast & paint gear lever gate. Fit gear selector indicator to gate, fit gear selector assembly to car & adjust selector rod to suit. Refit bonnet, set front wheel tracking. Test run car. Set up speedo but wheel sensor failed. Remove faulty speed sensor & check for cause.
2017 Classic Restorations Scotland Ltd - Remove faulty wheel speed sensor, fit replacement sensor & run wiring to speedo ECU. Carry out basic set up of speedo ECU/speed sensor.
2017 Classic Restorations Scotland Ltd - Test run car to calibrate speedo. Refit NS under dash panel. Masked up chrome, machine polished
complete car then wax polished. Polished chrome with Autosol. Started to strip down headline frames & accessories. Remove hood from car.
2017 Classic Restorations Scotland Ltd - Remove headliner from car. Mark out and cur main headliner panel and fit into car. Remove trims for access and remove rear screen and clean up check (had Sikaflex around outside edge off old seal). Ordered new seal and insert. Finish fit headliner around rear window and sunroof. Re-fit all panels around doors and rear quarter. Pattern up and make new covers for sun visors. Start to strip down Webasto roof.
2017 Classic Restorations Scotland Ltd - Finish stripping down Webasto roof, pattern, cut & machine up new headliner for roof & fit onto framework. Strip out kick panels & rest of carpet from car. Remove door sills from both sides. Remove stereo speakers from door cards. Remove side panel trim from passenger side. Pattern, bind & fit carpets around sills, kick panels & bulkhead. Remove old carpet from door cards & replace with new carpet. Pattern, cut & machine up carpets.
2017 Classic Restorations Scotland Ltd - Finish machining up Webasto roof. Glue onto front and rear header rails. Fit into car and fit headlining. Repair splines on sunroof mechanism and handle. Fit handle. Make floormat for car. Scraped rubber off hood roof rails, cleaned and polished. Fight with rear screen to get fitted into new rubber and into body. Assist with fit of back window. Finish off headliner, (alter Webasto
roof). Finish binding and fitting main carpets, re-fit parcel shelf, rear seats and front seats. Fit rear window insert, reshape mouldings & fit. Adjust driver's door. Deliver vehicle.
2017 Classic Restorations Scotland Ltd - Check for cause of poor running. Replace ballast ignition coil with standard 12 volt to suit
magnetronic ignition. Remove ballast resistor. Test run car. Check for cause of exhaust/engine smell in car. Remove gear lever & seal up holes in lever housing. Fit hose clip to inlet heater vent hose to secure.

2018 Classic Restorations Scotland Ltd - MOT Check: Remove & replace window washer pump. Check all fluid levels & tyre pressures

2018 Classic Restorations Scotland Ltd - Remove trim from car ready for re-trim work. Strip down back seat

2019 Classic Restorations Scotland Ltd - Strip down rear seat covers, pattern up rear cushion, cut out material & start to machine up. Strip parts from front of car. Remove & strip down panels & start to re-cover. Finish cutting & machining panels for rear cushion. Pattern, cut & start to machine up cover for rear seat back. Strip down, cut out & machine up covers for rear quarter panels. Scrap down old & re-foam rear quarter panels. Cover panels in leather, clean up chrome parts & fit. Fit panels together.

2018 Classic Restorations Scotland Ltd - Finish covering above window panels & start to fit. Sand paint from front of car as required. Cut
rotten section from NS front wing, make new section & weld into place, grind welds. Weld up OS door & grind welds. Strip down door cards & tops, pattern & cut out new MDF panels, drill holes & paint black. Re-foam door cards. Cut out & machine up panels for top rail of door cut. Cut out & machine up pockets & panels for cards. Finish fitting window panels. Strip down parcel shelf & rear speaker panel & cover in foam. Start
to cover pipe panels. Fill & shape front of car. Fit up tops of doors with new leather. Fit & cover panels that make up door card. Fit pocket panels into door cards. Cover parcel shelf in foam & leather. Adjust window panels.
2018 Classic Restorations Scotland Ltd - Fill and shape front of car, for paint shop. Sanded filler on body, repaired and filled dents on bonnet. Sanded down bonnet and prep for paintwork. Check colour chips to achieve good match. Take measurements of window panels. Fitted
new speakers onto panels. Machine up rear seat back cover. Cut out and pattern arm rest panels, machine up covers and fit to arm-rest frame. Fill and shape Fit ashtrays, chrome and arm-rests to door cards. Strip down front seats, start to pattern up. Mark up and punch holes in material to allow emission of speaker sound. Fitted foam and material onto metal panel. Finish off sanding filler on car. Prepared both sides of car for paintwork and filled any imperfections. Start to mask car in paint booth for priming various repairs all over body of car. Finish off masking up car, sprayed repairs with high build primer & baked. Start to sand primer. Pattern, bind & fit new carpets onto door cards, fit new speakers. Fit new draught excluder along door top panels. Cut out main seat panels, foam & machine design onto leather. Pattern & mark
out panels onto leather for front seat cushions. Block & sand primer on car body, OSF wing, OS door & quarter panel, bonnet, NSF wing & door.
Go over all blocked panels with finer abrasive Pattern, cut & machine up panels for front seat back covers then fit onto main seat panels. Strip down front kick panels, re-cover in carpet & leather. Polish up chrome parts & fit all back together. Prepare rest of car for paintwork & started to mask up in booth. Fit new covers onto rear seat cushion & back foam. Fit hessian onto seats.
2018 Classic Restorations Scotland Ltd - Panel wipe and clean down complete car. Finish off masking up in booth for paintwork. Set up
bonnet and grill on stands in booth. Apply stone guard to front lower panel etc. Strip down seat panel and marked, cut out on leather. Fitting new seat cover onto O/S front seat. Paint car, bonnet, and various other panels in blue as required. Cover two seat panels, sew edging onto panels. Sew up piping. Fit piping onto panels. Fitting up O/S cushion. Fit new foam and Dacron onto N/S back. Continue to fit covers to seat
2018 Classic Restorations Scotland Ltd - Start to flatten down paintwork on both sides of car. Finish fitting covers onto NS front seats ensuring correct line up. Bolt chrome back onto seat back, fit cushions to chrome to make complete seats. Go over car with trizact disc & machine polish body back up to a gloss. Start to wax polish body Finish building up front seats, clean up & fit calico to base of cushions. Tidy up rear of front seats. Run speaker wiring from radio console to rear speaker area. Finish off waxing whole car. Flattened back bonnet & went over with trizact disc. Machine polished back up to a gloss. Fit rubber seals onto door cards, fit parcel shelf panels with new speakers. Start to cover tunnel at rear seats in car. Fit black calico onto back of seats. Make new gaskets for door handles & fit handles. Refit parcel shelf panels, rear quarter panels & cover over rear seat tunnel, rear seat back & cushion. Fit plastic sheet to doors, start to fit door cards. Fit rear armrests, fit back seats, waxoyl doors & start to fit door cards. Remove radio console, cut hole to suit new radio & fit radio to console. Fit radio GPS aerial &
microphone & connect wiring plugs for radio. Fit OS door cards. Clean up & grease runners for seats & fit front seats into car. Fit carpets, kick panels & seats.
2018 Classic Restorations Scotland Ltd - Fit hidden radio aerial. Wire up radio. Fit radio unit to car. Set language from German to English on. Finish off rear quarter panel fit and seats into car. Start to fit up car. Continue to fit up front of car. Strip down & re-cover panel under steering wheel & glove box. Spray rubberguard in front under panel. Continue to fit up car. Continue to fit up car, fit bonnet, seal new section on wing. Wire brush underside of wings & spray with waxoyl.
2018 Classic Restorations Scotland Ltd - Assist fitting & aligning bonnet Fit panels under glovebox & steering wheel. Clean front wheels.
Finish fitting up car. Spray rubberguard along bottom of sill. Brushed basecoat along insides of both doors, dry with heat gun between coats then brushed with lacquer to seal.
2019 Classic Restorations Scotland Ltd - Aston Martin: Collect car from Aberdeen, deliver to Classic Restorations workshops in Alyth. Aston Martin: Raise car on lift. Remove wheels. Remove and lubricate brake pad edges and pins. Re-fit brakes, grease splined hubs. Drain engine oil and change filter. Check and adjust tyre pressures.
Aston Martin: Change brake fluid, remove & clean spark plugs & replace. Road test car. Speedo erratic along with rev counter.
2019 Classic Restorations Scotland Ltd - MOT
2021 Vantage Engineering - Tune engine, Fit missing earth strap, Tune carburettors and undertake road test. Remove thermostat housing, disassemble, clean and resurface face. Remove exhaust manifold and prepare for welding repair. Resurface manifold faces. Investigate driveline vibration. Fault traced to propshaft being of incorrect length with faulty slide joint. Remove propshaft and send for re-manufacture.
Replace HT lead clamp and rotor arm. Fabricate VE specification ignition leads, fit to car and polish chrome rail. Remove and investigate condition of reverse lamp. Deemed un-serviceable. Remove rust around O/S/R chassis and weld in plate. Seam seal area, apply red oxide primer and schutz. Apply rust treatment to surrounding area. Raise vehicle on ramp to assess fuel line. Loosen fixings and remove slack from line. Remove plastic cable ties restraining Selectaride looms and replace with aluminium ties. Remove drivers side under-dash panel to gain access to rear of dashboard. Remove tachometer and speedometer. Bench test speedo and inspect drive cable. Both found to be functional

2021 Vantage Engineering - Remove Selectaride’s and send for refurbishment. Remove front wheels. Adjust wheel bearings and refit wheels. Drain engine and oil cooler, Remove oil cooler, pipes and bracketry. Clean, prepare and paint cooler and bracketry. Remove bonnet. Remove water cooling radiator. Remove cam covers, degrease and replace with new gaskets and 1/2 moon seals. Polish covers. Fit can cover breather pipe and polish. Fit bonnet aperture seal. Fit correct air intake hose. Replace N/S/R wheel arch foam protection. Re-route Selectaride wiring looms using correct aluminium ties. Remove both front under wing closing panels to gain access to blower motors. Remove pipes and support brackets. Remove old underseal and install under wing foam protection. Re-route, Prepare and paint rear damper drop links. Begin investigation into faulty dash illumination. Tighten all PAS unions. Clean rusted area around bonnet and paint. Install refurbished rear dampers with new fixings. Install new engine oil cooler mounting bracket bushes and fit cooler. Replace broken fuel pipe clamp block

2021 Vantage Engineering - Measure ovality of bottom pulley, Install high torque starter motor. Wrap motor feed cable with heat shield tape Remove rear seat base and back. Position GPS aerial on top of fuel tank and route wiring under seat. Lift carpets and route wiring to dash. Fit bonnet aperture seal. Install oil cooler line. Paint expansion tank bracket. Install Speedbox unit under dash. Design and fabricate adaptor to mate Speedbox with speedometer Clean, prepare and paint bonnet latch panel. Extend tachometer loom and install tacho. Remove old exhaust manifold gaskets and clean face of head Fit manifolds with new gaskets and install downpipes Fabricate new exhaust down pipe
Fettle both exhaust down pipes to achieve uniform clearance Fabricate stainless band to retain centre silencer to body. Weld unused hole in thermostat housing and install with new gaskets Fit propshaft. Fit expansion tank and coolant hoses and fill with coolant. Fill engine with oil Refit inner wing grille. Fit N/S cam cover breather. Install new reverse lamp and wiring Fabricate brake fluid reservoir earth wire. Fabricate aluminium spacer plate for starter motor Install driver's seat. Lower brake pedal position. Re-align steering wheel to achieve correct orientation Adjust indicator self-cancelling mechanism

2022 Vantage Engineering Undertake repairs and paintwork to N/S rear quarter panel and door

2022 Vantage Engineering Replace manifold gasket. Reposition starter cable. Bleed brakes. Fabricate and weld new bracket to silence. Clamp road springs and rotate lower plate. Rectify non cancelling indicators. Shim lower king pin ball joint. Rectify Screen washers. Remove all callipers ready for lock tabs. Tighten PAS belt. Fit seal to fuel line. Fit exhaust and mounts. Adjust idle speed. Investigate rev counter, conduct electrical testing. Fit lock tabs to front brake calipers. Repair wire to ignition warning light. Check door lock function. Set up ignition timing adjust mixture, engine tune.


Interested parties should satisfy themselves as to the description and condition of each Lot prior to the sale. Accordingly, buyers are on notice that each vehicle is offered ‘as is/as seen’ subject to the Terms and Conditions for the auction. All registration numbers, engine and chassis details are sourced from registration documents provided to Historics by the client or representative or HPI checks and buyers are to satisfy themselves as to the accuracy of these details. Buyers are advised to inspect the vehicle in person or use a professional to carry out this service. Historics will not entertain disputes over descriptions.

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