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Ref 160 1973 Morris Mini Van (850cc) DG 17

Lot 124 - 1973 Morris Mini Van (850cc)

The original Mini had three major UK updates, the Mark II, the Clubman and the Mark III. Within the range there were a number of variations,... more info

Ref 162 1966 Morris Mini Cooper Mk. I to fast road specification DG 12

Lot 200 - 1966 Morris Mini Cooper Mk. I (Fast Road Specification)

The history of this revolutionary motorcar is well known, its impact socially, culturally and mechanically is well documented. The Swinging Sixties,... more info

Ref 158 1968 Morris Mini Cooper S Mk. II DG 14

Lot 207 - 1968 Morris Mini Cooper S Mk. II

The motoring correspondent of The Times reported in May 1963 the Mini while a popular second car in many households was no longer strictly the... more info

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