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Ref 46 1956 Ford Thames Deluxe 7CWT Van DL 12

Lot 108 - 1956 Ford Thames Deluxe 7CWT Van

Launched in 1954 as Fords answer to the success of the Morris Minor Commercial was the ‘Thames’ 300E which shared its bodyshell and 1,172 cc... more info

Ref 47 1951 Ford Thames 400E Pick-up DL 12

Lot 124 - 1951 Ford Thames 400E Pick-up

The Ford Thames 400E was introduced in 1957. Production of the range continued until September 1965, by which time a total of 187,000 had been... more info

Ref 48 1960 Ford Anglia DL 12

Lot 139 - 1960 Ford Anglia

When the Anglia 105E was introduced in September 1959, Ford switched to an overhead valve engine for its smallest family saloon. The 997cc four-cylinder... more info

Ref 123 1980 Ford Escort RS2000 JG 9

Lot 201 - 1980 Ford Escort RS2000

The squarer-styled Escort Mk. II version appeared in January 1975 with the first production models having rolled off the production lines on... more info

Ref 109 1929 Ford Model A DL 11

Lot 243 - 1929 Ford Model A Doctor’s Coupé

The 1929 Ford Model A is a classic car produced between 1927 and 1931. The Model A was the successor to the iconic Model T and was designed to... more info

Ref 162 1965 Ford Mustang Venom Let There Be Carnage Stunt Car MRP 12

Lot 249 - 1965 Ford Mustang ‘Movie Stunt Car’ *WITHDRAWN*

One of the stunt cars used in the Hollywood movie Venom ‘Let There Be Carnage’ more info

Ref 49 1960 Ford Light Van DL 16

Lot 259 - 1960 Ford Thames Van

The 1960 Ford Thames van is a classic commercial vehicle that was produced between 1957 and 1965. This van was designed for small businesses... more info

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