Mercedes-Benz World 27th November 2021 Cars

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Ref 45 1994 Renault Alpine A610 Turbo SB 11

Lot 178 - 1994 Renault Alpine A610 Turbo

Produced by Renault-owned French carmaker Alpine during the first half of the smashing 1990s (1991 to 1995), the A610 had all the attributes... more info

Ref 108 2004 Renault Avantime 'Dynamique' EBS 12

Lot 257 - 2004 Renault Avantime 'Dynamique'

Having invested a staggering 1.4bn francs (€285m) into development of the world’s first MPV coupé, Renault's futuristic vanity exercise came... more info

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