Lot 194 - 2021 Shepherds Hut by Hannam & Taylor

Lot 194 - 2021 Shepherds Hut by Hannam & Taylor

Lot 194 - 2021 Shepherds Hut by Hannam & Taylor

Lot Number 194
Result Sold - £31,360
  • Brand new build
  • Bespoke to a high standard including a ‘Hobbit’ wood burner

The shepherd's hut (or shepherd's wagon) was, since the 15th century and into the 20th century, used by shepherds during sheep raising and lambing, primarily in the United Kingdom and France. They often had iron wheels and corrugated iron tops. Sometimes the sides were also made of corrugated iron. Use of shepherd's huts by farmers reached a peak in the late 19th century and dwindled in the 20th century with the advent of mechanised farm machinery and electric power reaching even remote farms. Their use persisted in some northern counties in the United Kingdom, particularly Westmoreland and Northumberland, where the terrain of the uplands supports little else but sheep farming.

There have been numerous different materials used to construct shepherd's huts and after World War I, when metal was in short supply the chassis were often built with wood and the sides built with interlocking planks of larch or spruce. Sometimes the roof covering would be constructed from felt and tar and insulated with lambswool. Cast iron wheels were frequently recycled from other farm machinery. The shepherd's hut was a kitchen, dining room, bedroom, sitting room and storeroom all rolled into one. The designs vary but all were constructed to provide the shepherd with practical and durable accommodation. The old huts had a stove in one corner for warmth and cooking, and a window on each side so the shepherd could see the flock. A hinged stable door, which was always positioned away from the prevailing wind, enabled him to hear the flock, and strong axles with cast iron wheels were used to withstand the constant movement from field to field.

This brand new Shepherds Hut which measures 18ft X 8ft is custom made with box section metalwork chassis on a turntable with drawbar. It has stud work walls, floor and ceiling insulated with organic recycled sheeps wool with an engineered oak floor over. It has textured hand painted redwood internal cladding walls with a Tongue and Groove barrel roof, oak featheredge cladding to the exterior and oak double width steps. The owner has bestowed this wonderful Hut with bespoke hardwood doors and windows with five lever locks to the door and hand forged window furniture. For those who like to be cosy on those chilly evenings/days, a delightful ‘Hobbit’ wood burner has been installed to full HETAS regulations. Vintage LED style wall lights have also been installed with two bulkhead lights to the exterior to finish off that authentic look and feel. At one end there is a fold-down double bed on gas pistons and at the other end one can install a desk for those working ‘at home’ or just wanting to read quietly in tranquillity. The Hut doesn’t include any groundwork, mains connections, or installation, all of which can be quoted separately. Also buyers please note that this Shepherds Hut does not include, any interior props or free standing furniture which can be seen in the photographs or whilst on display.

*Delivery within a 50 mile radius (only ‘Standard’ delivery with easy access) £600.00 is being offered by the owner. Buyers please note that the purchase price will include VAT

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