Windsorview Lakes 17th July 2021 Cars

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Ref 28 1982 Ranger Rover Classic (Symbol) SB 12

Lot 189 - 1982 Range Rover Classic (Symbol)

The first generation Range Rover was produced between 1970 and 1996. The original car was not designed as a luxury-type 4x4; while certainly... more info

Ref 110 1975 Range Rover Suffix ‘D’ JG 9

Lot 200 - 1975 Range Rover Suffix ‘D’

Right from the beginning, the Range Rover represented something of a lifestyle movement. Although considered rudimentary by today’s standards,... more info

Ref 119 1991 Range Rover CSK JG 13

Lot 245 - 1991 Range Rover CSK

The limited edition Range Rover CSK was launched in 1990 and was named after Charles Spencer King, the original Range Rover two-door designer.... more info

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