Ascot Racecourse 15th May 2021 Cars

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Ref 56 1972 Triumph TR6 WP 18

Lot 250 - 1972 Triumph TR6

The Triumph TR6 was manufactured for seven years from 1969 and by the time production came to an end in July 1976, it was the best-seller of... more info

Ref 66 1981 Triumph TR7 26

Lot 251 - 1981 Triumph TR7

The Triumph TR7 was launched in 1975 as the successor to the TR6 and to continue the TR bloodline. When the TR7 was introduced, it was only available... more info

Ref 78 1964 Triumph TR4 ‘Surrey Top’ EBS 15

Lot 256 - 1964 Triumph Triumph TR4 ‘Surrey Top’

Already a legend, Giovanni Michelotti produced the external styling for Triumph's new TR4. It represented a new age in aesthetics and pedigree... more info

Ref 28 1975 Triumph Stag WP 16

Lot 262 - 1975 Triumph Stag

The ‘Stag’ name was a development codename allocated when the design project was initiated by Giovanni Michelotti in 1965. None of the subsequent... more info

Ref 129 1966 Triumph TR4A IRS WP 18

Lot 269 - 1966 Triumph TR4A IRS

Produced between 1961 and 1967, the Triumph TR4 combined a new, modern, and aggressive body design by famed Italian stylist, Giovanni Michelotti,... more info

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