Ascot Racecourse 11th December 2020 Automobilia auction

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Lot 21 4

Lot 21 - A selection of Coca Cola Coke collectables ...

A selection of Coca Cola collectables, including a vintage cool box, an advertising bike, a cafe board and more.  more info

Lot 22 1

Lot 22 - Personal registration ...

Personal registration TA11 ENT (on retention) more info

Lot 23 1

Lot 23 - Personal registration ...

Personal registration TR11 LOV (on retention) more info

Lot 24 1

Lot 24 - Personal registration ...

Personal registration ILZ 666 (on retention) more info

Lot 25 2

Lot 25 - J. A. Ward Van, radio control custom made van ...

A. Ward removal Van, radio controlled, custom made for coin-op theme park attractions and two Mamod steam traction engines and static steam engine. more info

Lot 26 2

Lot 26 - A selection of five Meccano cars...

A selection of five Meccano cars, a roadster, a Jeep, a van and two others more info

Lot 27 3

Lot 27 - A Michelin compressor pump, two vintage lamps ...

A Michelin tyre compressor pump, two vintage lamps and two fire extinguishers for restoration along with a ‘The Villiers’ Mk. XII stationary... more info

Lot 28 2

Lot 28 - Two signs ...

Two signs including a John Bull Tyres enamel sign, double sided, 20” across and a later Dunlop SP Radials showroom sign, 30” diameter.  more info

Lot 29 2

Lot 29 - Two enamel signs ...

Two enamel signs, one an RAC enamel sign, 18” across and a large Get Pratts Here enamel sign, 42” wide.  more info

Lot 30 2

Lot 30 - Two enamel signs ...

Two enamel signs, one for Lodge Plugs, 48” wide, and a Blue Star sign, double sided, 20” across.  more info

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