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Ref 104 - 1976 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible by Karmann 8

Lot 177 - 1976 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible by Karmann (1650cc)

The VW Beetle has seduced many a first time buyer, collector and classic car enthusiast. And for obvious reasons; the parts network are many... more info

Ref 15 1967 Volkswagen Beetle (500cc) 15

Lot 233 - 1967 Volkswagen Beetle (1500cc)

The Beetle whilst seemingly a single sub-domain of Volkswagen, is actually a complex subject with many individual species, some far more collectable... more info

Ref 146 2000 Volkswagen 'Bilbo' Camper 13

Lot 238 - 2000 Volkswagen 'Bilbo' Camper

Introduced in 1990, the T4 was the first Volkswagen van to have a front-mounted, water-cooled engine. Prompted by the success of similar moves... more info

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