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Ref 130 1968 MG B Roadster 9

Lot 130 - 1968 MG B Roadster

The MGB was launched in May 1962 to replace the MGA and was introduced as a four-cylinder roadster with a coupé added in 1965. It was a relatively... more info

Ref 9 1969 MGC GTS ‘Works-tribute' 9

Lot 137 - 1969 MG C GTS ‘Works-tribute'

The MGC GTS Sebring was one of the best looking and most iconic creations to come out of the BMC Competitions Department in the 1960s. MG felt... more info

Ref 59  1930 MG M-Type Roadster 9

Lot 193 - 1930 MG M-Type Roadster

The MG M-type was manufactured from April 1929 to 1932 and was sometimes referred to as the 8/33. Launched at the 1928 London Motor Show when... more info

Ref 90 1960 MGA Coupé 18

Lot 200 - 1960 MG A Coupé

During 1951, MG’s chief designer Syd Enever built a streamlined coachwork to sit upon an MG TD chassis; the aim was for the car to compete at... more info

Ref 100 - 1961 MGA Mk. II Fixedhead Coupé (1600cc) 10

Lot 214 - 1961 MG A Mk. II Fixedhead Coupé (1600cc)

The MGA is oft quoted as one of the prettiest sportscars combining, as it does, voluptuously flowing lines and an extremely well balanced engine.... more info

Ref 129 1965 MG B Roadster 9

Lot 226 - 1965 MG B Roadster

Conceived in the late 1950s and launched in 1962, the MGB would turn out to be one of the most successful sports cars of all time. Attractively... more info

Ref 57 1970 MGB Roadster 11

Lot 247 - 1970 MG B Roadster

The MGB is a classic British sports car manufactured in numbers to cater for the insatiable appetite for open top motoring in the 1960s and 1970s.... more info

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