Mercedes-Benz World 18th May 2019 Cars

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Ref 47 1952 MG TD 7

Lot 129 - 1952 MG TD

The classic image of an MG parked rakishly beside the Nissan hut while a dozen Spitfire pilots scramble to their awaiting aircraft is part of... more info

Ref 168 1969 MGB Roadster 11

Lot 153 - 1969 MG B Roadster

Conceived in the late 1950s and launched in 1962, the MGB would turn out to be one of the most successful sports cars of all time. Attractively... more info

Ref 87 1973 MGB GTV8 12

Lot 212 - 1973 MG B GTV8

The MGB was first introduced in May 1962 as a direct replacement for the MGA and has become a firm favourite with British motoring enthusiasts.... more info

Ref 78 1960 MGA Roadster 12

Lot 214 - 1960 MG A Roadster

When the MGA arrived in 1955, it must have come as quite a shock to MG purists who had become accustomed to the pre-war look of the company's... more info

Ref 119 1968 MGC Roadster 11

Lot 224 - 1968 MG C Roadster

Manufactured between 1967 and August 1969, the MGC was intended as a replacement for the Austin Healey 3000. The engines produced 145bhp and... more info

Ref 80 1954 MG TF 15

Lot 257 - 1954 MG TF

Originally launched at the 1953 Motor Show, the MG TF was greeted with mixed reactions from enthusiasts and journalists alike. To the Abingdon... more info

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