Mercedes-Benz World 24th November 2018 Motorcars

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Ref 44 1928 Austin 7 Van 12

Lot 212 - 1928 Austin 7 Van

The Austin 7 was produced from 1922 through to 1939 and nicknamed the 'Baby Austin'. It was one of the most popular cars ever produced and sold... more info

Ref 60 1961 Austin Mini 13

Lot 269 - 1961 Austin Mini

The history of this revolutionary motorcar is well known and its impact socially, culturally and mechanically is well documented. The Swinging... more info

Ref 25 1930 Austin Seven Swallow 19

Lot 310 - 1930 Austin Seven Swallow

The Austin Seven Swallow is arguably the first Jaguar produced as it was designed, styled and built by William Lyons & William Walmsley at... more info

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