Brooklands Motor Museum 19th May 2018 Cars

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Ref 122  1950 Norton Trials Bike 3

Lot 103 - 1950 Norton Trials Bike

Although various pre-war Nortons had been available to special order in trials specification, or 'Colonial' as they quaintly described them in... more info

Ref 123 1949 Norton 16H 4

Lot 110 - 1949 Norton 16H

The Norton 16H is a designation given to British motorcycles made between 1911 and 1954 with various modifications, it refers to a single cylinder... more info

Ref 121  1950 Norton Trials Bike 4

Lot 111 - 1950 Norton Trials Bike

The original Norton Company was formed by James Lansdowne Norton at 320, Bradford Street, Birmingham, in 1898. In 1902, Norton began building... more info

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