Mercedes-Benz World 25th November 2017 Automobilia

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Lot 1 Picnic Set 1

Lot 1 - Picnic Set

A 1960/70's two person picnic set in a red case. more info

Lot 2. Oil Dispenser 1

Lot 2 - Oil filler

An early workshop gear/axle oil dispenser, in very good original condition, with ‘ROC lubricants and chemicals’ logo more info

Lot 3. Picnic Sets 1

Lot 3 - Three picnic sets

Three wicker picnic baskets with varying contents. more info

Lot 4. Grease Guns 3

Lot 4 - Early grease guns

Nine early brass grease guns in excellent condition. Two early thermometers, one boxed, both in excellent condition. more info

Lot 5. Porsche Sign 1

Lot 5 - Garage wall sign

A classic car or garage wall hanging sign in the shape of the Porsche shield badge. more info

Lot 6. Esso Figuars 1

Lot 6 - Mr & Mrs Drip

A pair of cast iron Mr. & Mrs. Drip Esso figures with Herr Tropt and Frau Tropt, to top of base, 9” tall, in excellent condition. more info

Lot 7. Acetylene Generator 1

Lot 7 - Acetylene generator & fuel can

An Acetylene generator and a 1 litre Aether fuel can, both in excellent restored condition. more info

Lot 8. Travelling Trunk 2

Lot 8 - Rexine rear trunk

An early black Rexene motorists travelling trunk in good condition. An unusual pair of rear lights and a brass bulb horn. more info

Lot 9. Pyrene Extinguisher 2

Lot 9 - An Early vehicle fire extinguisher & plug tester

An early boxed Pyrene fire extinguisher complete with bracket. An early spark plug tester and a saucy tin sign. more info

Lot 10. Motoring Books 1

Lot 10 - A selection of motoring books

A good selection of motoring books to include, Jim Clarke, Aston Martin, Fangio, Sports car Racing and others. Also a selection of motoring event... more info

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