Brooklands Motor Museum 23rd September 2017

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Ref 100 1985 Ford Sierra XR4i 15

Lot 129 - 1985 Ford Sierra XR4i

If there is an automotive icon of the early 1980s, it has to be the Ford Sierra XR4i with its biplane spoiler. When the Sierra saloon concept... more info

Ref 93 1986 Ford Escort RS Turbo Series I 13

Lot 133 - 1986 Ford Escort RS Turbo Series I

The Ford Escort RS Turbo was based on the three-door Ford Escort saloon and was supplied in a Diamond White body colour only. The engine fitted... more info

Ref 34 1966 Ford Mustang Coupe 14

Lot 137 - 1966 Ford Mustang Notchback

Think of a pure out-and-out American pony car, designed to bring out the youth in everyone, powering you and your girl west down Route 66 and... more info

Ref 51 1974 Ford Transit Mk.I Dormobile 24

Lot 140 - 1974 Ford Transit Dormobile Mk.I

The first generation Transit was introduced in October 1965, taking over directly from the Thames 400E, and has been in continuous production... more info

Ref 111 1985 Ford Capri Cosworth BOA 6

Lot 228 - 1985 Ford Capri Cosworth BOA

The Ford Capri was the Ford Mustang of Europe. A mind-boggling array of options meant that the Capri could be whatever you wanted it to be; just... more info

Ref 157 1982 Ford Cortina Crusader Mk. V (1.6 litre) 6

Lot 255 - 1982 Ford Cortina Crusader Mk. V (1.6 litre)

The biggest step forward for the fourth-generation Cortina was that it finally saw the convergence of the German Taunus and the British Cortina.... more info

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