Brooklands Motor Museum 8th July 2017 Cars

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Ref 44 BMW 1800 Saloon 1

Lot 119 - 1971 BMW 1800 Saloon

The BMW New Class was a line of sedans and coupés produced between 1962 and 1977. Introduced in September 1963, the BMW 1800 was the second member... more info

Ref 54 1973 BMW E9 CSi 1

Lot 139 - 1973 BMW E9 CSi

BMW introduced a new two-door coupé that was built for BMW by Karmann in 1968 and production lasted until 1975. Named internally as the BMW E9,... more info

Ref 46 BMW 850i 1

Lot 151 - 1992 BMW 850i

Design of the 8-Series began in 1984 with the final design phase and production development in 1986. It debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show in... more info

Ref 123 1985 BMW Alpina B10 1

Lot 173 - 1985 BMW Alpina B10 (E28)

Alpina Burkard Bovensiepen GmbH & Co. KG or simply 'Alpina', the official BMW tuning partner, has had a long and celebrated association with... more info

Ref 68 1996 BMW 850CSi 1

Lot 174 - 1996 BMW 850CSi

The Klaus Kapitza-designed 8-Series (chassis code E31) was launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1989. Although it effectively replaced the... more info

Ref 110 1983 BMW 628 CSi 1

Lot 188 - 1983 BMW 628 CSi

Karmann manufactured the early 6-Series BMWs from launch in 1976 before BMW took production in-house. The most significant technological upgrade... more info

Ref 38 1988 BMW 325i Convertible 1

Lot 232 - 1988 BMW 325i Convertible *WITHDRAWN*

The BMW 3 series has been produced in six different generations and in five different body styles. It is BMW's best-selling model accounting... more info

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