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Ref 13 2004 Aston Martin DB9 1

Lot 133 - 2004 Aston Martin DB9

The sleek superformed aluminium body of the DB9 was initially designed by Ian Callum but had also been significantly influenced by the next director... more info

Ref 95 1971 Aston Martin DBS V8 1

Lot 138 - 1971 Aston Martin DBS V8

From 1970 through to 1972, Aston's flagship model was the DBS V8. Although the body and name was shared with the six-cylinder DBS, the V8 sold... more info

Ref 131 1973 Aston Martin DBS6 Vantage 1

Lot 161 - 1973 Aston Martin Vantage

One of the first new models to be launched following the acquisition of AML by Company Developments, the Aston Martin Vantage debuted in May... more info

Ref 29 1973 Aston Martin V8 Series III 1

Lot 167 - 1973 Aston Martin V8 Series III

The six cylinder William Towns styled DBS had been around for a couple of years anxiously awaiting the V8 engine that had been especially designed... more info

Ref 27  1967 Aston Martin DB6 1

Lot 170 - 1967 Aston Martin DB6

The Aston Martin DB6 was launched at the London Motor Show in 1965 following on from the highly successful DB5, immortalised by the 1964 James... more info

Ref 55 1965 Aston Martin DB6 Mk.I 1

Lot 199 - 1965 Aston Martin DB6 Mk.I

Produced from September 1965 to January 1971, the DB6 had the longest production run up to that date of any Aston Martin model. The DB6 succeeded... more info

Ref 16 2003 Aston Martin DB7 GTA 1

Lot 208 - 2003 Aston Martin DB7 GTA

Unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in 1993, the Ian Callum styled DB7 began production in 1994 at a new factory in Bloxham, Oxfordshire. In 1999,... more info

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