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Ref 90 1956 Austin A50 Cambridge 9

Lot 147 - 1956 Austin A50 Cambridge

This charming righthand drive A50 Cambridge from 1956 was resident of IADS Malaysian Airbase (Integrated Air Defence System) until spotted by... more info

Ref 10 1966 Austin Mini Cooper S 16

Lot 176 - 1966 Austin Mini Cooper S Mk. I

Designed by Alex Issigonis in 1959, a new concept in car design was born.  With a monocoque shell, transversely mounted engine and front wheel... more info

REF 82 1988 Austin Maestro 1.3L 5

Lot 233 - 1988 Austin Maestro 1.3L

The Austin Maestro was produced from 1983 to 1987 by British Leyland and from 1988 until 1995 by Rover Group. The car was produced at the former... more info

Ref 18 1969 Austin 1800 Utility 12

Lot 236 - 1969 Austin 1800 Utility

Australia, the sixth largest country in the world, is celebrated for its diverse culture, landmark buildings, ancient geology and flora and fauna.... more info

Ref 8 1970 Austin 3-Litre Saloon 8

Lot 242 - 1970 Austin 3-Litre Saloon

The Austin Three-litre is a British saloon car that was introduced by Austin at the London Motor Show in 1967 and in July 1968, cars were beginning... more info

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