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REF 99 1976 Benelli Trials Bike 3

Lot 101 - 1976 Benelli Trials Bike

Benelli was established in Pesaro, Italy in 1911 which possibly makes it the oldest of all European motorcycle factories in operation. Originally... more info

REF 43 2007 Honda Monkey Bike ‘40th Anniversary Edition’ 4

Lot 102 - 2007 Honda Monkey Bike ‘40th Anniversary Edition’

Honda has been manufacturing Monkey bikes since the 1960s. In 2007, they produced a '40th Anniversary Edition' to commemorate the success of... more info

REF 100 1995 BMW 840 Ci 9

Lot 103 - 1995 BMW 840 Ci

The Klaus Kapitza-designed 8-Series was launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1989. Though it effectively replaced the 6-Series, it was originally... more info

Ref 37 1969 Alfa Romeo Berlina 1750 11

Lot 104 - 1969 Alfa Romeo 1750 Berlina

We are pleased to present a rather rare, righthand drive, example of the 105 series Alfa Romeo 1750 Berlina. Built in South Africa on 23rd December... more info

REF 104 1948 Peugeot 202 Pick-up 11

Lot 105 - 1948 Peugeot 202 Pick-up

With production starting in January 1938, the steel bodied 202 was instantly recognisable as a Peugeot from the way the headlights were set,... more info

REF 55 1986 Bedford Rascal Pick-up 6

Lot 106 - 1986 Bedford Rascal Pick-up

The Bedford Rascal, also built as the Suzuki Supercarry, is a microvan that was developed as a joint venture between General Motors and Suzuki.... more info

Ref 6 1968 Daimler 250 Saloon V8 9

Lot 107 - 1968 Daimler 250 Saloon (V8)

The Daimler 2.5 litre, V8 saloon was launched in late 1962 and was, effectively, a rebadged Mk. II. The major difference was that it was fitted... more info

Ref 17 1958 AEC Militant Flatbed 14

Lot 108 - 1958 AEC Militant Flatbed Lorry

The AEC Militant (or 'Milly') was a post-war development of the Matador used during the Second World War. Externally, the most noticeable development... more info

Ref 5 1952 Chevrolet Styleline Deluxe 12

Lot 109 - 1952 Chevrolet Styleline Deluxe Coupé with Fisher coachwork

"The 1949 Chevrolets were some of the best looking GM products ever, and were precision built as well." - Richard M Langworth, Collectible Cars. America's... more info

REF 109 1973 Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV 12

Lot 110 - 1973 Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV

The Giulia 105 series coupé was first shown to the motoring press on 9th September 1963 at the new Arese works in Milan and was mechanically... more info

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