Brooklands Museum 11th June 2016 Cars

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REF 51 1952 MG TD 11

Lot 210 - 1952 MG TD

The 1950 MG TD combined the TC's drivetrain, a modified hypoid-geared rear axle, the MG Y-Type chassis, a familiar T-Type style body and independent... more info

Ref 31 1959 MGA Twin Cam Roadster 11

Lot 254 - 1959 MG A Twin Cam Roadster

Introduced in 1958, the MGA Twin Cam was the result of a lengthy and involved development but, disappointingly, it returned one of the shortest... more info

REF 70 1969 MGC Roadster 11

Lot 298 - 1969 MG C Roadster

The arrival of the MGC in 1967 was greeted with mixed reaction from enthusiasts and the motoring press alike. It can be described as one of the... more info

REF 46 1959 MGA Roadster (Twin Cam) 10

Lot 308 - 1959 MG A Roadster (Twin Cam)

The high performance twin cam model of the famous MGA was added to the range in 1958. Available in both fixedhead and roadster versions, the... more info

Ref 121 MGB Roadster 5

Lot 316 - 1972 MG B Roadster

The MGB was launched in May 1962 to replace the MGA. Introduced as a four-cylinder roadster, a coupé with 2+2 seating was added in 1965. The... more info

REF 50 1970 MG Midget 10

Lot 325 - 1970 MG Midget

First introduced in Monte Carlo by the British Motor Corporation (BMC) on the 20th May 1958 and intended as a low-cost model, the Sprite was... more info

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