Lot 249 - 1953 MG TDC (Competition) Mk. II

Lot 249 - 1953 MG TDC (Competition) Mk. II

Lot 249 - 1953 MG TDC (Competition) Mk. II

Lot Number 249
Registration 772 UYJ
Chassis Number TDC23007EXUNA
Engine Number 27615
Result Sold - £16,000

We are pleased to offer this unusual and rare example within the MG marque, the MG TDC (Competition) Mk. II. It is commonly known that this model came into existence soon after the MG TD appeared onto the market due to the strong after market demand for parts and accessories to increase the performance of the model. Originally known as the Mk. II MGTD, the model was later called the TDC, the C representing Competition. What is less commonly known, is that the model came about due to the exploits of the famous MG racing driver, Dick Jacobs. Dick owned W. Jacobs and Son Ltd, Mill Garage, the most famous of all MG dealerships, in Chigwell Road, South Woodford, Essex. Jacobs and Mill Garage possibly gave the MG marque more publicity in the 1950s than the entire Nuffield or BMC publicity machines. In the tuned form in which John Thornley, Director and General Manager of the MG Car Company, let him try the car, Jacobs found the heavy TD to be intolerably slow and it was only after he had carried out several modifications that included the fitting of Andrex shock-absorbers (two on each corner), an aero screen, bucket seats and air scoops on the brakes that the car would go at all. In this form Jacobs raced the TD prototype in a production car race at Blandford Camp, winning his class after a closely fought duel with Eric Thompson's HRG; only to forfeit the class because the MG factory could not state that six identical models fitted with Andrex shock-absorbers had been built.

The production TDC featured Andrex shock absorbers in addition to the standard items, larger 1.5 inch carburettors with increased inlet ports, right side bonnet bulge to incorporate the larger carburettors, larger intake manifold and air cleaner, larger valves, increased compression ratio, higher rev limit to 6,000 rpm, twin electric fuel pumps and lines and a higher performance ignition coil. Externally, the badges, unique to the model, were enamelled black and white as a mark of respect on the death of Cecil Kimber. Only 1,710 example were manufactured and only 13 in left hand drive format; two being produced in 1950 and 11 in 1953.

It is one of the 13 left hand drive examples that we are proud to offer today. 772 UYJ sports the TDC features and does have a matching engine to chassis number; however, a type 9 5-speed gearbox has been fitted in place of the original unit so that long distance touring may be accomplished with more comfort and economy. The coachwork is presented in bright red and is in very good order with the undersides of particular note. The interior presents well and includes an optional heater and the original steering wheel. The engine starts easily, via the Hi-torque starter, and quickly warms to a smooth idle, the exhaust note being unobtrusive even though the system is of stainless steel construction. The weather equipment includes a hood, hood bag and full tonneau cover, all of which are in good order. On a test, the MG drove easily and quickly and felt, as it should, more powerful than a standard TD. The ride on the road felt firm with the brakes pulling the car easily to a reassuring halt.


This rare MG TDC Competition is offered with a UK registration document and, although not required, will arrive at the sale with a fresh MoT test certificate as reassurance for the new owner.


Interested parties should satisfy themselves as to the description and condition of each lot prior to the sale. Accordingly, buyers are on notice that each vehicle is offered ‘as is/as seen’ subject to the Terms and Conditions for the auction. Buyers are advised to inspect the vehicle in person or use a professional to carry out this service. Historics will not entertain disputes over descriptions.

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