Lot 390 - 1957 Lambretta LD 125 Mk. III

Lot 390 - 1957 Lambretta LD 125 Mk. III

Lot 390 - 1957 Lambretta LD 125 Mk. III

Lot Number 390
Chassis Number 548504
Engine Number 336614
Odometer reading 12,169 miles
Estimate £2,500 - £4,000
Result Sold - £2,800

Manufactured by the Italian industrial giant Innocenti, the Lambretta motor scooter mobilised an entire generation of Italians in the immediate post-war years. The scooter gained instant acceptance everywhere, its cleanliness and convenience in particular appealing to those who did not have the inclination, time or money for the larger motorcycle. Scooters would eventually surpass their strictly utilitarian origins to become an integral part of British youth culture in the 1960s.

The Model LD 125 (or Lusso) was introduced in December, 1951 alongside the basic Model D which had no bodywork. Like the previous Model C, it featured a tubular frame and the petrol tank mounted under the rider's seat. The air cooled 123cc engine featured a cast iron cylinder topped by an aluminium cylinder head and produced an output of 5bhp, giving a top speed of 47mph. The Lambretta was very economical with fuel consumption in the region of 140mpg.  The specification included shaft drive, a three speed gearbox operated by a single Teleflex cable and drum brakes, the rear brake being rod operated. The front suspension springs were now enclosed within tubes and the rear suspension was provided by means of a torsion bar. Standard colours were green, grey or beige and the early models can be identified by the two port holes at the rear of the side panels.

A Mk. II was introduced in June 1953 after 87,500 units of the first series had been produced; the only major difference was a change to cable operation for the rear brake and the standard colour was now grey or beige with a choice of contrasting side panels in green, blue or red. A speedometer mounted in a miniature leg shield box became an option, as hitherto 125cc machines were not required to have one fitted. Other distinguishing features of the Mk. II were an inside legshield toolbox, and the horn was mounted below the headlight. A version featuring an electric starter, the LDA 125, also became available.

The Mk. III of 1957 featured twin 'push and pull' cables to change gear in place of the single Teleflex cable used previously, an epicyclical kick start and the speedometer and horn were mounted in a casting which sat on top of the handlebars. There was no longer a toolbox mounted on the inside legshield  as it was now incorporated into the rear bodywork and the choice of main colours had increased to green, grey, off-white, beige and blue with  red, blue, maroon or green side panels.

The LD 125 offered here was imported from Malta in 2001 in semi-restored condition. The restoration was duly finished and then the Lambretta was put into dry storage. Prior to being imported it had three owners and the current vendor is the second UK owner. The vendor informs us that it rides very well and being of 125cc has the added benefit of being eligible to be ridden on 'L' plates. It is yet to be given a UK registration but all import taxes have been paid. The history file includes the import documentation, an old MoT test certificate and foreign log book. There is also an original toolkit accompanying the scooter.

Early Lambrettas like this one are now very sought after and collectable. This 1957 LD 125 is offered at a very attractive estimate.

Interested parties should satisfy themselves as to the description and condition of each lot prior to the sale. Accordingly, buyers are on notice that each vehicle is offered ‘as is/as seen’ subject to the Terms and Conditions for the auction. Buyers are advised to inspect the vehicle in person or use a professional to carry out this service. Historics will not entertain disputes over descriptions.

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