Lot 395 - 1980 Bultaco Sherpa T 350

Lot 395 - 1980 Bultaco Sherpa T 350

Lot 395 - 1980 Bultaco Sherpa T 350

Lot Number 395
Chassis Number JB19907597A
Engine Number RM19907936
Estimate £2,750 - £3,750

The 350 version of Bultaco's famous Sherpa T trials motorcycle first appeared in 1972 as the model 92. The actual capacity of the very over square, (83.2mm x 60mm) single cylinder, two-stroke engine was 326cc and it produced 21bhp at 5,000 rpm.  A five- speed gearbox was standard and the frame was of conventional design with a single down tube splitting to form a full cradle under the engine. Telescopic forks and twin rear spring/damper units took care of the suspension. Dry weight was a mere 98 kg.

The specification remained unchanged until 1975, and the model 151, when a modified frame lowered the weight to 91 kg  and changes to the induction and exhaust resulted in a drop in power output to 17.5 bhp.  Later that same year further alterations were made with the engine now producing more torque and becoming more flexible as a result. A change was also made from an Amal to a Bing carburettor. Cosmetically, the Sherpa T reverted to a separate fuel tank and side panels in place of the one-piece "Champion Kit" used hitherto and this version, the Model 159, also became known as the Sherpa "Manuel Soler" as the Catalan rider was involved in its development.

The 1977 Model 191 benefited from a power increase to 20.8 bhp but no significant changes were made until the 1981 Model 199B, when the engine capacity was increased to 340cc and a sixth ratio was added to the gearbox. This was the final version of the Sherpa T 350 and remained in production until 1985 when Bultaco went out of business. A distinctive feature of the final version was the white painted frame and it became known as "The White".

The Sherpa T 350 offered here is a 1980 version and was restored in 2011. Used sparingly since it is ready to ride and win twin shock trials events.

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