Brooklands Motor Museum 6th June 2015 Motorcycle

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REF 215 Kawasaki ZG1000 Combination 9

Lot 301 - 1989 Kawasaki ZG1000-A3A Combination

The ZG1000 is a sport touring motorcycle, manufactured between 1986 and 2006 by Kawasaki. It has a six speed, four cylinder, liquid-cooled engine... more info

REF 239 1980 Yamaha TY125 5

Lot 302 - 1980 Yamaha TY125

The TY models were a range of trial bikes made by Yamaha - the TY standing for 'Trial Yamaha'.  They were developed by the French trialist Christian... more info

REF 254 Suzuki Bemish RL250 (2) 6

Lot 303 - 1977 Suzuki Beamish RL250 Mk. II

In the Early 1970s, Honda and Yamaha both produced competitive trials machines to try and end the domination of the Spanish manufacturers, Ossa,... more info

REF 244 2000 Honda Transalp XL600V 6

Lot 304 - 2000 Honda Transalp XL600V

In commemoration of Honda's 50th year of motorcycle production, four European market models were specially selected as unique representatives... more info

REF 214 1965 Sprite Scrambler 250cc 6

Lot 305 - 1965 Sprite Scrambler

Sprite Motor Cycles was born in 1964, set up by leading trials and scrambler rider Frank Hipkin. Partnered with Fred Evans, they manufactured... more info

REF 204 1965 Cheney-BSA 6

Lot 306 - 1965 Cheney-BSA B44

Eric Cheney was acknowledged as one of the top motocross riders of the 1950s, along with his travelling companion , Les Archer, who went on to... more info

REF 216 1950 Douglas Competition 5

Lot 307 - 1950 Douglas Competition Trials

Douglas, from Kingswood, Bristol, are known for their horizontally opposed twin cylinder engined bikes and as manufacturers of speedway and trials... more info

REF 248 1957 Lambretta LD 150 7

Lot 308 - 1957 Lambretta LD 150

The well established 125cc Lambretta LD 125 was joined by a 150cc bigger brother in October 1954. New features included the chrome silencer,... more info

REF 258 1986 Suzuki GSX-R750 8

Lot 309 - 1986 Suzuki GSX-R750

The Suzuki GSX-R750 was built to compete in various worldwide championships as well as to be used on the street. It is considered as one the... more info

REF 259 1970 Benelli Sport Special 125 7

Lot 310 - 1970 Benelli Sport Special 125

Following the merger of Benelli with Motobi in 1962, a series of 125cc (54mm x 54mm) motorcycles were sold under both brands, marketed as the... more info

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