Brooklands Motor Museum 6th June 2015 Cars

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REF 134 1978 Daimler Sovereign Convertible (Long wheelbase) 6

Lot 128 - 1978 Daimler Sovereign Convertible (Long wheelbase)

Probably the earliest known example of a convertible XJ was a series I specially prepared for Queen Elizabeth II's visit to Mauritius in 1972,... more info

REF 154 1948 Daimler DB18 Saloon 6

Lot 134 - 1948 Daimler Conquest Century Mk.II Saloon

The Daimler DB18 started out in 1939 as a six-cylinder chassis on which Daimler, and various other British coach builders, offered a range of... more info

REF 25 Daimler DE36 9

Lot 167 - 1950 Daimler DE36 Touring Limousine by Freestone & Webb

The highly esteemed Daimler Motor Co. Ltd. of Coventry, England introduced its superb DE36 ultra luxury-car chassis in 1946. The firm was, at... more info

REF 135 1967 Daimler Sovereign 3.8 litre 8

Lot 209 - 1967 Daimler Sovereign (3.8 litre)

Based on the 1966 Jaguar 420, a derivation of the previous S-Type model, the Daimler Sovereign was readily identified by the traditional Daimler... more info

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