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1982 Ford Cortina GL Ghia 6

Lot 207 - 1982 Ford Cortina GL Ghia

The biggest step forward for the fourth-generation Cortina was that it finally saw the convergence of the German Taunus and the British Cortina.... more info

1970 Ford Escort 1100 Mk. I 7

Lot 219 - 1970 Ford Escort 1100 Mk. I

The Ford Escort was introduced in the United Kingdom at the end of 1967, making its show debut at the Brussels Motor Show in January 1968. The... more info

1973 Ford Escort 1600 Mexico Mk. I 1

Lot 220 - 1973 Ford Escort 1600 Mexico Mk. I

There was, in the early days of the Ford Escort, a higher performance version for rallies and racing. The Mk. I Escorts became very successful... more info

1979 Ford Escort RS2000 Mk II 8

Lot 234 - 1979 Ford Escort RS2000 Mk. II

The squarer-styled Escort Mk. II version appeared in January 1975 with the first production models having rolled off the production lines on... more info

1966 Ford Lotus Cortina Mk. I 9

Lot 238 - 1966 Ford Lotus Cortina Mk. I

The history of the Lotus Cortina began in 1961 after Colin Chapman decided he wanted to build his own engines for Lotus. The engine's first appearance... more info

1966 Ford Thunderbird Convertible 9

Lot 296 - 1966 Ford Thunderbird Convertible

The Thunderbird entered production in 1955 as a sporty, two-seat convertible and, unlike the Chevrolet Corvette, was not marketed as a sports... more info

Ford Mustang Coupe 8

Lot 297 - 1965 Ford Mustang Coupé

Think of a pure out-and-out American pony car, designed to bring out the youth in everyone, powering you and your girl west down Route 66 and... more info

1951 Ford V8 Pilot ‘Woody’ 6

Lot 298 - 1951 Ford V8 Pilot ‘Woody’

The world's first mass-produced V-8, the legendary 'Flathead', was introduced by Henry Ford in March 1932. With two banks of four cylinders set... more info

1965 Mustang Fastback GT350 Recreation 7

Lot 299 - 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback GT350 Recreation

The 1965-1966 cars were the smallest and lightest of the GT350 models. All 1965-66 cars featured the K-Code 271bhp, 289 motor modified to produce... more info

1967 Ford Mustang Coupé 7

Lot 302 - 1967 Ford Mustang Coupé

The Ford Mustang is an American icon and was originally based on the Ford Falcon compact. The first production Mustang rolled off the assembly... more info

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