Lot 269 - 1972 Bentley T1 Corniche Fixedhead Coupé

Lot 269 - 1972 Bentley T1 Corniche Fixedhead Coupé

Lot 269 - 1972 Bentley T1 Corniche Fixedhead Coupé

Lot Number 269
Registration PGC 659K
Chassis Number CBH11387
Engine Number 11387
Odometer reading 1,817 miles
Estimate £35,000 - £39,000
Result Sold - £72,800

The Bentley T-Series was launched in 1965 alongside its sister car, the Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow. It was a pure badge-engineering exercise and ended up being sold for the same price as the Rolls-Royce. The Bentley T-series was a quiet revolution, it was the first car produced by the company to feature unitary construction instead of a more traditional separate chassis. The Corniche models were derived from the T1/Silver Shadow, starting out as the Mulliner Park Ward two-door fixedhead coupé. 140 Bentley badged-engineered Rolls-Royce Corniches were made; of which just 69 were fixedhead coupés and all were built at the Mulliner Park Ward factory. In 1984, the Corniche was rebranded Continental while receiving a number of mechanical improvements. This was to open up some distance between Rolls-Royce and Bentley - it worked, as the Continental continued to sell well into the 1990s, only to be replaced by the Azure in 1995.

We are lead to believe just 31 T1 Bentley Corniche fixedhead coupé were produced between 1971 and 1976, this fantastic recently restored example presented in Diamond Silver metallic is a credit to its late owner who meticulously spent the time and the effort to ensure this example survives and impresses for generations to come. Offered with near unmarked and blemish free paintwork complimented by black leather interior, which some would say is the best combination, and being seated behind the original wooden steering wheel, it is a pleasurable place to be and certainly gives no impression as to its 43 years of age.

The car itself had, for a term of no less than 15 years, been locked away safely in a dry garage until one day, the owner decided that something must be done to restore the car into its splendid former beauty before forgotten and thus began ringing around to source the best candidates to take on the work. Having been dry stored thankfully very little damage, if any, had been done by the dreaded corrosion but having been sat in one place for so long had caused the engine to seize as had the brakes and so a full engine rebuild seemed prudent by Rolls-Royce and Bentley specialists, Centurion Motor Co. of Brokley. Centurion, along with the vendor who was no stranger to the mechanical or other workings of such a car, then undertook the task to fully restore the car with the intention to thoroughly enjoy touring the finished project and even installed a bespoke Rockford music system for those long drives through the continent. Unfortunately the vendor fell into ill health shortly after the cars completion hence why the low mileage and this splendid example has again found itself back in the garage.

Offered with a valid MoT test certificate until July 2015 which carried no advisories, a full detailed invoice from Centurion and a log of restoration from the former vendor coupled with invoices and receipts from Ghost Motor Works, Flying Spares and many more plus the full original build specification provided by Bentley Motors and tool kit, this rare and well restored car is certainly a collectors example. Offered at near half the price that we have seen similar Bentleys offered for recently, this could be a very astute purchase of the car that Bentley motors enjoyed so much success with.

Interested parties should satisfy themselves as to the description and condition of each lot prior to the sale. Accordingly, buyers are on notice that each vehicle is offered ‘as is/as seen’ subject to the Terms and Conditions for the auction. Buyers are advised to inspect the vehicle in person or use a professional to carry out this service. Historics will not entertain disputes over descriptions.

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