Brooklands Museum 7th March 2015 automobilia

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Lot 1 - Motoring trunk

A large, early motoring trunk finished in black Rexene, as fitted to the rear of early coach built classic vehicles. more info

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Lot 10 - Two early motor sport books

Two early motor sport books, Motorcycling Personalities and Motor racing Drivers- Past and Present. All pages show a different personality... more info

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Lot 100 - Bentley winged ‘B’ desk piece.

A stainless steel Bentley winged 'B' desk piece, fitted to a specially crafted wooden base. As seen in showrooms and dealerships. more info

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Lot 101 - RFC winged mascot.

A very rare Royal Flying Corps officers' staff car winged mascot. This nickel plated mascot is in excellent condition and is fitted to a... more info

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Lot 102 - ‘Old Bill’ motor mascot.

A very rare standing ‘Old Bill’ motor mascot. This Bronze mascot, the creation of WWI cartoonist Bruce Bairnsfather, is in excellent condition... more info

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Lot 103 - Bentley winged ‘B’

W.O. Bentley, a very early winged 'B' of the type fitted to 4½, 6½ and 8 litre Bentley models from the 1927/28 period. With very good wing... more info

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Lot 104 - French motor mascot

A very rare, French motor mascot marked E. URBAN to the base, this mascot shows a wasp on top of a large flower. In excellent condition with... more info

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Lot 105 - MG Midge mascot.

A very good, early MG Midge mascot. This mascot with reg. 786249 stamped to underside of the base is in excellent condition and comes fitted... more info

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Lot 106 - Winged ‘B’ motor mascot.

A rare, forward leaning winged 'B' motor mascot as fitted to Derby Bentleys, 3½ and 4¼ litre models of the 1930s period with very good plated... more info

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Lot 107 - Maserati 250F

An Alan Stammers, limited edition print, number 604/750, showing Fangio driving the Maserati 250F at the 1957 German Grand Prix. This large... more info

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