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1963 Triumph T20 Tiger Cub Trials 6

Lot 101 - 1963 13093 T20 Tiger Cub Trials

The 199cc T20 Tiger Cub was introduced in March 1954. Priced at £127 (a little over half the cost of a new Triumph 6T Thunderbird), it supplemented... more info

1976 Kawasaki KH100 5

Lot 102 - 1976 12953 KH100

Kawasaki Aircraft initially manufactured motorcycles under the Meguro name, having bought out ailing motorcycle manufacturer Meguro Manufacturing... more info

1967 Suzuki M12 Supersport 6

Lot 103 - 1967 13080 M12 Supersport

The Suzuki M12, or Sport 50, was a small motorcycle that featured a 49cc single-cylinder engine. Originally released in 1964, the M12's motorcycle... more info

1962 Triumph Tina 6

Lot 104 - 1962 13093 Tina

In 1962, despite internal opposition from those who felt it would dilute the macho image of the brand, Triumph introduced a new scooter,... more info

Yamaha ZY50 6

Lot 105 - 1966 13110 YF1

The important part of this Yamaha is the two-stroke, single cylinder engine. With its rotary disc valve induction, four forward gears, it... more info

1979 Honda CR110 Special Replica 6

Lot 106 - 1979 12932 CR110 Special Replica

In 1961, the FIM (Fédération Internationale de Motocyclime) announced that the World Championship for the following year would include a... more info

1975 Honda TL125S (sport) 6

Lot 107 - 1975 12932 TL125 (sport)

Honda launched the TL125 at the end of 1972, known in Japan as the name of BIALS. The engine used for it was the 1,219cc two valve single... more info

1964 BMW R69S (Sport) 6

Lot 108 - 1964 12866 R69S

When most people think of vintage or classic sports motorcycles they don't think of BMW, but from 1960 through to 1969 the R69S  was... more info

BSA C15 Restoration 6

Lot 109 - 1965 12870 C15 Restoration

The C15 engine was basically a copy of the Triumph 200cc Tiger Cub engine but as Triumph was owned by BSA at the time, it was considered... more info

1971 Montesa Cota 250 6

Lot 110 - 1971 12998 Cota 250

The Montesa Cota 250cc motorcycle was manufactured in Spain from 1967 to 2004. The Cota two-stroke machine was similar in design to the off-road... more info

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