Brooklands Motor Museum 7th June 2014 Car

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1964 Sunbeam Rapier Mk.IV 2

Lot 324 - 1964 Sunbeam Rapier Mk.IV

The Sunbeam Rapier was produced by the Rootes Group, in this case as part of their Sunbeam marque and was announced at the London Motor Show... more info

1963 Sunbeam Alpine Series III 8

Lot 405 - 1963 Sunbeam Alpine Series III

At the Rootes Group, Kenneth Howes and Jeff Crompton were tasked with designing a dedicated sports car aimed principally at the US market. Ken... more info

1969 Sunbeam Imp Sport 6

Lot 413 - 1969 Sunbeam Imp Sport

When Rootes launched the Hillman Imp in 1963, the Coventry-Climax derived engine was a dream come true for tuning specialists. It made sense... more info

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