Lot 279 - 1925 Amilcar CS

Lot 279 - 1925 Amilcar CS

Lot 279 - 1925 Amilcar CS

Lot Number 279
Registration PE6359
Chassis Number 9713
Engine Number 20678
Odometer reading 1,015 km
Result Sold - £21,280

Amilcar was founded in July 1921 by Joseph Lamy and Emile Akar with a company name an imperfect anagram of the partners' names. The business was established at 34 rue du Chemin-Vert in the 11th Arrondissement of Paris. However, Amilcar quickly outgrew their restricted city-centre premises, and during the middle part of 1924 the company relocated to Saint-Denis on the northern edge of the city.

The first offering from Amilcar was a small cyclecar designed by Jules Salomon and Edmond Moyet which bore a striking resemblance to the pre-war Le Zèbre. Following on was the 903cc 'CC' which was available in two further versions; the CS was a sport version and the C4 a family version. The side-valve engine had splash lubrication and came with a three-speed gearbox. The marque entered motor racing in the mid-1920s with a batch of supercharged dohc 1100cc six-cylinder cars that used a roller bearing crankshaft in the full racing version; these vehicles were also available with plain bearings, with an example driven by famous racing driver, André Morel.

Purchased by the vendor in 1980 in an un-restored condition, works only began much later in 1996 whereupon a full 'nut and bolt' restoration took place. Completely stripped down, many moving parts were replaced and the body skin was taken off the ash frame and re-skinned. New bonnet tops and sides were also fabricated as was the bulkhead, all to correct and original patterns. The wheels were sent to Motor Wheel Service for rebuild whilst retaining the splined hubs but including new rims, spokes, stove enamelling and five new Dunlop tyres. New kingpins and bushes were fitted as well as bearings and friction discs in the front and rear dampers. Tony Stairs overhauled the magneto and all back axle bearings have been serviced and replaced as have the torque tube bearings and rubber drive shaft couplings.

The gearbox has been serviced with all bearings replaced and the brake shoes have been re-lined with new wheel bearings and oil seals. The engine was rebuilt in the sixties but had not been run; an internal inspection confirms this prior assertion. The headlamps have been stripped and new reflectors fitted; the wiring loom itself is to the original pattern as is the dashboard and instruments. The dash is flat aluminium in style with a Jaeger 8-Day clock as well as speedometer and rev. counter. The petrol gauge is La Nivex in origin and a stylised 'Pegasus' adorns the radiator.

The paintwork is a real labour of love that is not only the original colour combination but also took six months to achieve the finish required by its fastidious owner. With five years in total to bring this charming example back to the condition you see here today, its condition is a testament to his experience and knowledge.

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