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Lot 001 - Hackney Carriage plaques

Four aluminium Hackney Carriage half moon vehicle seating capacity  plaques and a 1960s Ferguson portable radio. more info

Lot 002 3

Lot 002 - Two pieces of aluminium

Two pieces of aluminium, one a section of a 1950s/60s louvered racing car bonnet finished in green with some red paint showing through. Written... more info

Lot 003 2

Lot 003 - Aluminium race car side section and seat

An aluminium side section of race car finished in green marked 'Team Lotus' with 'Indy' written upon it, and a racing car seat with "Brabham... more info

Lot 004 2

Lot 004 - Mercedes-Benz advertising posters

Two reprinted early Mercedes-Benz advertising posters. One showing a girl reclining on a chaise longue with a 1920s style two door convertible... more info

Lot 005 1

Lot 005 - 1955 Mille Miglia limited edition print

A large, full colour, framed and glazed signed limited edition print (number 20/500), showing the historic win of the Mercedes-Benz 300SLR... more info

Lot 006 1

Lot 006 - 1937 Donington Park Grand Prix photo & mount

A large black and white photo and mount showing the front row of the 1937 Donington Park Grand Prix, with a Mercedes-Benz driven by Seaman,... more info

Lot 007 1

Lot 007 - Framed & glazed 1988 Andy Warhol poster

A framed and glazed poster for the 1988 Andy Warhol Exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum New York, featuring the Mercedes-Benz W125. Approx... more info

Lot 008 4

Lot 008 - Five Amilcar-Salmson posters

Five Amilcar-Salmson posters: En Allemagne 1984 Chadenburg Neckar, 19th International Rally 1987 Hampshire (X2), 20th International Rally... more info

Lot 009 5

Lot 009 - Eight Amilcar line drawings

Eight Amilcar line drawings: 1926 type MCO experimental 6 cylinder 1 top view, 1 side view. approx 95x60cm, Surbaisse chassis approx 83x53cm,... more info

Lot 010 2

Lot 010 - Ferodo brake testing meter

A Ferodo brake testing meter as used in MOT test stations in the 60s/70s complete with wooden box. more info

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