Lot 296 - 1967 12918 Mustang Shelby GT500 'Eleanor' Recreation

Lot 296 - 1967 12918 Mustang Shelby GT500 'Eleanor' Recreation

Lot 296 - 1967 12918 Mustang Shelby GT500 'Eleanor' Recreation

Lot Number 296
Registration AUB 347E
Chassis Number 7R02C119347
Engine Number 119347
Odometer reading 250 miles
Result Sold - £63,000

The Ford Mustang needs little introduction; the car that built America, that bought freedom to the younger generation and featured in many blockbuster films including, in this instance, 'Gone in 60 Seconds' starring Nicolas Cage. The car in question, 'Eleanor', represents Randall 'Memphis' Raines's nemesis and is something to be feared and adored in equal measure.

The brooding lines, the aggressive stance and the uncompromising power available through one's right foot all go towards the essence of an Eleanor car. Many tribute versions have been produced over the years to a greater or lesser effect but this example must count amongst one of the finest.

Built around a small block stroked 351 Windsor Mustang for over 12 months by one of the best Mustang specialists in the country, Mustang Maniac, an outfit with over 35 years experience, the engine also has a 418 Stroker with aluminium heads, forged internals, probe series pistons, a Scatt steel crank and Ansen 1"aluminium valve cover risers.  Gasses are inducted via a 750 Edelbrock carburettor and Weind high-rise intake manifold and exit via a custom-made, 3" stainless steel/aluminium Eleanor side exhaust. The unit itself is balanced and Blue Printed showing 520hp and 490lb of torque Bobby sheet available. This power is delivered through C6 heavy-duty transmission with a Hughes 2400-2600 Stall Speed converter. The radiator is aluminium with Kenlowe fan.

Going in a straight line is one thing but we have no shortage of winding roads in this country and for this, decent brakes and suspension is required. Fitted here are Total Control 3" adjustable coils, engine brace and Ford Racing SSBC power disc brakes with Wilwood Adjustable brake distribution valve.

Inside, a 1967 Mustang Deluxe Interior has been fitted with correct 1967 Deluxe door panels, new front and rear upholstery with original Fastback fold-down seat Assembly (freshly re-upholstered) and new carpet and headlining. A 15" Motolita steering wheel with aluminium hub features with Autometer Phantom series (5" gauges) custom instrument cluster. An accurate Maier Racing (California) 17 piece Eleanor body kit, all hand laid, is fitted with 17 x 8 and 17 x 9 Edelbrock Eleanor style wheels, gun metal centered with spinners alongside Pepper Grey DuPont paintwork with black stripes, PIAA Lights, custom cut polished stainless headlights rings and a period chrome 1965/66 mustang rear view mirror; the Devil is very much in the detail with these cars. Even the glasswork and mouldings throughout are new. There is no doubt that meteoric amounts of money have been laid at the door of this example and with full details and photographs of the restoration available for inspection within the history file, this is now available at a fraction of its constituent parts.

Fully registered within the UK and with 12 months left to run on the MoT test certificate, this will sure to be 'Gone in 60 Seconds'!

Interested parties should note that the number plate '60 S GT' is available by separate private treaty.

Interested parties should satisfy themselves as to the description and condition of each lot prior to the sale. Accordingly, buyers are on notice that each vehicle is offered ‘as is/as seen’ subject to the Terms and Conditions for the auction. Buyers are advised to inspect the vehicle in person or use a professional to carry out this service. Historics will not entertain disputes over descriptions.

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