Brooklands Museum 1st June 2013 Motorcycle

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Shell enamel sign 1

Lot 201 - Shell enamel sign

A good new enamel sign in the form of the 50s/60s shell gasoline petrol pump top. more info

Motor-cycle front carbide lamp by Lucas 1

Lot 202 - Lucas Motor-cycle carbide lamp

A Motor-cycle front carbide lamp by Lucas with Galcia club marked to top, in good overall condition, nickel finish, appears in working order. more info

MV Agusta enamel sign 1

Lot 203 - MV Agusta enamel sign

A good large enamel sign showing the famous motor-cycle company MV Agusta geared wheel badge finished in red, yellow, blue and white. more info

J.A.P enamel sign 1

Lot 204 - J.A.P enamel sign

A new enamel sign for J.A.P motor-cycles finished in pale blue with J.A.P and J.A. Prestwich & Co. Ltd to front. more info

BSA enamel sign 1

Lot 205 - BSA enamel sign

A new enamel sign for BSA motor-cycles finished in  red with 'BSA the most popular motor-cycle in the world' to front finished in red. more info

Castrol Oil Pumps 1

Lot 206 - Castrol Oil Pumps

A classic selection of old Castrol Oil Pumps in its original case. more info

Salter Motorcycle Brake Tester 1

Lot 207 - Salter Motorcycle Brake Tester

A period Motorcycle Brake Tester produced by Salter. more info

Oil Guns and Grease Guns 1

Lot 208 - Oil Guns and Grease Guns

A box of assorted Oil Guns and Grease Guns. more info

6 petrol cans 1

Lot 209 - 6 motorcycle petrol cans

A selection of 6 petrol cans in various sizes from differing marques of motorcycle. more info

C.1925 Indian Sidecar and frame 5

Lot 210 - 1925 Indian Sidecar and frame

A sidecar is a one-wheeled device attached to the side of a motorcycle or scooter, producing a three-wheeled vehicle; a motorcycle with a sidecar... more info

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