Lot 366 - 1992 Ferrari 512 TR

Lot 366 - 1992 Ferrari 512 TR

Lot 366 - 1992 Ferrari 512 TR

Lot Number 366
Registration J980 OPK
Chassis Number ZFFLA40C000094012
Engine Number 31378
Odometer reading 18,492 miles
Estimate £36,000 - £45,000
Result Sold - £35,900

The 512 TR was the replacement for the Testarossa and was announced for the 1992 model year. The new car witnessed a return to a model title using characters, with the figure '5' referring to the cubic capacity of the engine in litres and the '12' to the number of cylinders, whilst the 'TR' was an abbreviation of Testarossa. The main external visual differences were the nose and tail treatment, the louvre design on the engine lid and the design of the road wheels. There was also a barely noticeable different profile to the sail panel buttresses which were plain and flowed directly into the roof panel on the 512 TR. Internally there were changes to the seats, steering wheel design and trim details. Mechanically there were numerous changes to the engine and gearbox which boosted power and provided a more satisfying and positive to use gearbox. Not visually apparent was that the engine and transmission assembly location in the chassis had been dropped by 30mm to lower the centre of gravity and thus improve the already high standard of ride and roadholding.

Originally delivered to Mr. John Aitkin of London, this particular example was sold five years later to Mr. J Bent of Essex. It was during his ownership that this car was truly used and appreciated. This is a driver's car and it was used for exactly that purpose for the ensuing sixteen years. Trips to watch the Le Mans Classic and the Nürburgring were regular events and this 512TR performed its duties with alacrity. All servicing, during this time, was performed by Enzo Ferrari's agent in the UK, Maranello Concessionaires Ltd. Not a service was missed and absolutely everything, however minor, was immediately attended to. Indeed, after every long trip or extended period of use, a fluids service was commissioned - whether required or not. To say that this car was very well looked after by the very best in the business is an entirely accurate statement.  A 'Tubi' exhaust was also supplied and fitted by Maranello's in 1992 offering a more sporting exhaust note and an edge on the standard performance.  It should be noted; a new speedometer head was installed at 98,433 miles giving a total mileage, at time of writing, of 116,925.

As demonstrated by the vendor, the performance today is still electrifying; there are no squeaks or rattles audible from the cockpit, indeed the doors still close perfectly and the overall impression of the car is one of solid reliability. The driver's seat bolster shows some signs of wear although the rest of the car, including the alloy wheels, is in excellent order throughout.

A hugely accessible, extremely competent and well documented Ferrari 512 TR.


Interested parties should satisfy themselves as to the description and condition of each lot prior to the sale. Buyers are advised to inspect the car in person or use a professional to carry out this service.

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