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1990 Lotus Elan 5

Lot 1 - 1990 Lotus Elan

Formerly the property of Team Lotus chief engineer and designer Chris Murphy.  The car was first registered to Lotus Cars and then Team Lotus... more info

1964 Rickman Metisse 5

Lot 10 - 1964 Rickman Métisse 500cc

Rickman motorcycles were produced from 1961 to 1976, by brothers Don and Derek Rickman, who started their company in 1957 and formally made it... more info

1991 Morgan Plus 4 Roadster 5

Lot 11 - 1991 Morgan Plus 4 Lowline Two Seater Roadster

The Morgan Plus 4 was the Morgan Motor Company's first car with four wheels, introduced in 1936 following the end of production of the famed... more info

1938 MGTA 5

Lot 13 - 1938 MG TA

Estimate The TA was to be the first of a line of T series MG cars that spanned two eras of pre- and postwar motoring. There were to be five models... more info

1970 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow Drophead Coupé 5

Lot 14 - 1970 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Drophead Coupé

Rolls Royce released their most innovative model to the public in October 1965 in the form of the Silver Shadow which featured unitary construction,... more info

1956 Jaguar Mk. I 5

Lot 15 - 1956 Jaguar Mk. I SE

Jaguar launched its first small unitary construction saloon, the 2.4 litre, in 1955. The new model was Jaguars first ""small"" saloon since the... more info

1932 Talbot 14/65 Boat Tail Tourer 5

Lot 16 - 1932 Talbot 14/65 Boat Tail Tourer

Chassis number 31983 was first registered on 5th August 1932 as a 14/65 saloon but according to the vendor was transformed approximately forty... more info

1935 Rolls-Royce 20/25 3 Position DHC 5

Lot 17 - 1935 Rolls-Royce 20/25 Three Position DHC

The Rolls-Royce 20/25 was built between 1929 and 1936 and succeeded the 20hp as Rolls-Royce's ""small car"". It was intended to appeal to owner... more info

1933 MG J2 5

Lot 18 - 1933 MG J2

The MG J2 Midget design is iconic, being the starting point for the square rigged MGs, a style which was retained up to the TF in the 1950s.... more info

1973 Vauxhall Firenza Competition Coupé 3

Lot 2 - 1973 Vauxhall Firenza Competiton Coupé

Legendary racing driver Gerry Marshall was the man who helped take Vauxhall to the front of the grid in saloon car racing during the early seventies,... more info

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