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Flight of Elegance; Farnborough International

Flight of Elegance; Farnborough International

Date: 11th May, 2024 9:30
Lots: 169


In Farnborough's embrace, Farnborough International honors automotive elegance and aviation legacy. Classic car enthusiasts gather amidst echoes of pioneering flight, celebrating timeless craftsmanship and significance. Amidst aviation's grandeur, each car is a testament to enduring beauty and innovation. Welcome to Farnborough, where history takes flight once more.

 Farnborough Intl                     11th May 9:30am

  ETPS Road, GU14 6TQ              Purchase Catalogue

Symphony of Spring; Ascot Racecourse

Symphony of Spring; Ascot Racecourse

Date: 2nd Mar, 2024 10:00
Lots: 187


At Ascot Racecourse, regal elegance and automotive history converge for the ultimate classic car auction. With ties to royalty and a tradition-steeped legacy, it epitomizes sophistication. Amidst Ascot's grandeur, vintage automobiles take center stage, whispering tales of bygone eras. Welcome to Ascot Racecourse, where heritage meets horsepower in a timeless symphony of luxury and prestige.

 Ascot Racecourse                   2nd March 9:30am

  High St, Ascot SL5 7JX           Purchase Catalogue


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